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First, there was Social,
and now there is Klose By

Your App for the private, device-to-device sharing of the global web. Because all your data, photos, posts, everything; is yours, always.

Social Network Freedom

Connecting the digital and the 'real' worlds to make the Web useful again. Opportunities for people, causes, and brands alike.

Your Personal Network, Anytime, Anywhere

With access to the entire web of information, use Klose By to select, save, and then share the best parts - locally or across the globe.

Carry the Magic of the Web with You, Always Klose By

Klose By creates a private service for you to share content from the web, mobile apps and media libraries; device-to-device or around the world. Called 'cards', share the best of the Web with friends, family, anyone through a Bluetooth or WiFi supported personal network. And, send globally using email, messaging, SMS, or social networks with one tap. Without servers or the Cloud, Klose By makes the Web userful again, freeing you to reclaim the conversation.


Klose By makes the Web useful again, the way it should be for everyone online. For successful management of ‘digital life’, to empowering ‘real world’ opportunities, Klose By is your first truly peer-to-peer, global and local social networking friend.

Sharing - Local and Remote

Share content rich ‘Cards’ from Social Media posts, directly with those nearby, or linked through special Klose By Buttons.

Klose By is Where You Are

Engaging local, spontaneous 'friends', right there, right now.

Creativity and Opening the Conversation

Create new Cards to share and deepen the conversation with your own ideas, comments, and stories.

Web at your Fingertips

Add new content to Klose By from websites, Apps, or with Klose By Buttons and Links.

Send and Repost

'Pass it Along' – Send new content or repost content that you have received from others.

Klose By Plays Nice with Others

Works with social media platforms, sharing most-liked Klose By Cards with a Link or Button.

Klose By is Unique

Stories About Klose By

Broadcast Your Ideas and Passions

Henry spends his days creating music that he posts to Soundcloud, YouTube and Spotify. Yet, no one is visiting Henry's posts ...

A Trip to Los Angeles

The Obamas have come to Los Angeles for a vacation. From beginning to end they use Klose By to manage their trip ...

Sharing More At School

Anne and her friends usually send photos and videos to each other that they took on their phones. Sometimes ...

Supercharging the MeetUp

John has a great interest in the plight of left-handed people in Los Angeles. He posts his position on Facebook, but ...


Ideas for Your Own Klose By Collections

Olympics - Synchronized Diving

Olympics - Swimming

Automotive - Tesla

Fashion, Casual - beHappy

YouTube - Glitch Mob

News - Huffington Post

Technology - Gizmodo

Blogs - Tumbler

Technology - Gizmodo

Entertainment - Vimeo

Politics - Facebook

Entertainment - E! News

Life Style, Fashion

Travel - Trip Advisor

Fashion, Shoes - Zoxoro Australia

Fashion, Shoes - Banggood

Just for Fun - Nutella

Programming, Coding - Stackoverflow

Finance - Yahoo Finance

News - Weather Channel

Klose By

Fashion Shopping - eBay

High Frontier - SpaceX

Music - Shakira

Modern Living - Vogue

Movies Reference - IMDB & Scary

Science - Science Magazine

Television - TheWeek

Education - MIT

Health - WebMD

Blogs - Reddit

Travel - Princess Cruises

Books - New Yorker

Lifestyle, Cooking - Food

Lifestyle, Travel - BBC

News - BBC

Real Estate - RedFin

Sports - Sports Illustrated

2016 Olympics - Sports Illustrated

Music - SoundCloud

Lifestyle, Education - TED

Entertainment - YouTube

Entertainment - YouTube

Education - ParentPlanet

Entertainment - Apple 1984

Versions for Everyone

Freedom: Totally Free, Try the Complete Klose By. Social: All of Klose By, Unlimited. Both: Empowering Private, Local Sharing and Networking.

Yes to private, local sharing and networking empowered by Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

Sure can with all your kawaii photos as taggable Cards, a faster, easier way to post social media.

Definitely everything available at a flick; search, and sortable. Never lose a bookmark again.

Most certainly with Social and Freedom versions, pop your favorite web content into Cards for sharing and fun.

Without a doubt paste directly from YouTube and other popular Apps with Social or Freedom.

Thumbs-up from Twitter to Wikipedia, awesome web and social networking services for exactly what you want to embed into Klose By.

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